SF Kindle book deal: Age of Order

AgeOfOrder$2.99 on Kindle

If you aren’t at the top, you’re at the bottom.

In post-democracy America, the Orderist movement has spawned a society that rewards those who supposedly possess “merit,” which includes the nation’s wealthiest. Manhattan has become the capital of the forty-nine Orderist-led states. Cities are cocoons where the so-called “highborn” enjoy the pleasures of farm-grown food and private parks, while schools have become battlegrounds for rich and dangerous.

Daniela Machado can run. She’s the track star of destitute Bronx City and an ace student, but that isn’t enough to get a nope like her out of the barrio. When she is offered the chance to attend the elite Tuck School—a place where even the highborn struggle to obtain a spot—it’s too great an opportunity to ignore. But what do the richies really want from her?

Hailed by Kirkus Reviews as a “superlative” addition to the sci-fi genre, Age of Order has the atmosphere of Blade Runner, the intrigue of Orphan Black and the emotional struggle of Slum Dog Millionaire.

Live this world.

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